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Playing with Werewolves.... - Fenrook - 09-03-2019

Not often a good idea, but still...

I did actually get up to 35k by tweaking my champion points to give around 6k penetration, but forgot to save it and then reloaded the standard claws CP....  But still, here we go, couple of parses.  Turning my dagger nirnhoned actually reduced my DPS (my axed was already sharpened, so I didn't want to transmute that only to then transmute the dagger to sharpened....).



RE: Playing with Werewolves.... - Waerla - 09-03-2019

I haven't tried my wolfy since the last changes but was running Main Dagger Nirnhoned & Offhand Axe Infused IIRC as that was the original way they were specced, sat on the side since Pack Leader was nerfed

RE: Playing with Werewolves.... - Fenrook - 09-03-2019

Yeah, my dagger was infused and seemed to do slightly higher DPS before I transmuted it.  I transmuted as lots of posts saying don't run nirnhoned or infused as offhand....  So I though axe sharpened offhand, nirnhoned dagger (I usually run nirnhoned axe, sharpened dagger).  As I say though, it could just be either the poisons, the way round I have them or even the enchants.

I intend to have a play to see what can be done with briarheart + dungeon sets today too, as El for one doesn't want to run trials.